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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-28

  • RT @RichardShepherd: In Tesco, when bread is £1.29 in the aisle it’s also £1.29 at the checkout. My point? That RyanAir are bastards. #
  • RT @OllieToogood: Ryanair should re name themselves, the hidden cost airline – disgusting the charges and sh*t baggage allowance! #
  • RT @ryanaircares: RT @slippery_snake:ryanair £5 for VISA pp! is it really costing £40 to proc 1 payment?<- No we spend it all on beer & cigs #
  • RT @ryanaircares: RT@killiepie88:reason why Ryanair is cheap No 1 sensible wants 2 fly this early!<-We assume all our customers *are* idiots #
  • RT @AirObserver: Ryanair chief calls Stansted’s owners ‘overcharging rapists’ #
  • @slippery_snake do tell more!!! in reply to slippery_snake #

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Ryanair cry rape

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, yesterday accused the company that runs Stansted airport of being “a bunch of overcharging rapists”.

The boss of Europe’s largest rip-off flight operator added that BAA, which also runs Heathrow and Gatwick airports, was “scamming” the airlines using Stansted by overcharging them on fuel costs.

“Scamming”? Come on Mick, you are having a laugh right? Are you seriously having a whinge about being scammed?  Ryanair are the world leaders in unfairly extracting cash from customers. So shut it.

Meanwhile, BAA is taking Ryanair to court for £1m in fees it says they have refused to pay for its 12.5 million passengers who use the Irish operator to fly to and from Stansted each year.

Lets hope Ryanair get raped for the full whack plus costs.


Ryanair – uncharitable bastards

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, has announced the launch of it’s search for a 2010 charity partner.

Charities are invited to apply to be the official partner of next year’s cabin crew calendar and will benefit from 100,000 euros that will be raised from the sales.

How very sneaky and ever so tight you are Mr O’Leary.

The generated PR will of course insinuate that Ryanair are “donating” this money. But it’s you and I that will be the givers here, not Ryanair.

Any ethical company would match the money donated by it’s customers and raise the amount given to 200,000 euros.

Yet another example of disgusting behaviour by the world’s most hated airline.

Charities, do yourself a favour and avoid any association with this repugnant criminal organisation.


Ryanair closing Manchester routes

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, is to switch or close nine of the 10 routes it currently operates from Manchester Airport, blaming the airport’s refusal to lower its charges.

The firm said most affected flights would be switched to East Midlands, Leeds Bradford, and Liverpool airports.

Ryanair said the change would result in the loss of up to 600 local jobs, a claim disputed by the airport.

The airport said job losses would be limited, but added that the budget airline’s decision was “regrettable”.

“We also have all but one service that Ryanair offers, served by other airlines that operate at Manchester,” said chief executive of Manchester Airport Group, Geoff Muirhead.

“So the damage will be limited.”

Ryanair’s announcement comes a month after it said it would cut flights from London Stansted by 30% over the winter period, also as a result of a dispute over airport charges.

The nine routes from Manchester that will close are those to Barcelona (Girona), Bremen, Brussels (Charleroi), Cagliari, Dusseldorf (Weeze), Frankfurt (Hahn), Marseille, Milan (Bergamo) and Shannon.

The changes, affecting 44 flights a week, will take effect from 1 October.

The airline said passengers affected by the changes would be e-mailed and, “provided with a full refund, or the alternative of flying to some destinations” from East Midlands, Leeds Bradford and Liverpool.

Ryanair said it had offered Manchester an additional 28 weekly flights if the airport agreed to reduce its charges, but that it had rejected the offer.

However, a spokesman for Manchester Airport said it did not “believe that charges as low as £3 per passenger are unreasonable”.

“We’ve consistently cut our charges for the last 15 years even when faced with increased costs such as security,” he added.


Ryanair charges explode over last 3 years

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, have recently been moaning at the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) – see earlier post: “Ryanair losing the plot again – about a 10 euro passenger tax levied on arriving passengers into Dublin.

Dublin Airport has the lowest passenger charge of any major airport in Europe and the recent fall in traffic is directly related to the global economic downturn.

It is astounding that Ryanair is complaining about facilities at Dublin Airport, given that over the past ten years Ryanair has opposed every single development aimed at improving the passenger experience at Dublin Airport.

Airport charges at Dublin Airport have seen some minor increases over the past three years after almost two decades during which charges fell significantly. During the same three-year period, according to recent independently verified figures, Ryanair’s own charges have exploded:

  • Ryanair’s baggage check-in charge has increased by 600% since 2006
  • The charge for using a credit card to book a Ryanair flight has increased by 285% since 2006
  • The cost of changing a Ryanair flight booking has increased by 66% since 2006
  • The cost of carrying sports equipment  on a Ryanair flight has increased by 97% since 2006

The air travel tax that was announced in the most recent Budget is a government tax aimed at generating revenue for the State and is in no way linked to passenger charges at Dublin Airport. DAA’s three Irish airports will not receive a single cent from the new tax and will continue to be funded from passenger charges, commercial income and borrowings.

Ryanair’s recent negative comments about DAA’s commercial income are also baffling, as Ryanair passengers – and the passengers of all other airlines – benefit directly from any commercial income earned at Dublin Airport in the form of subsidised passenger charges.

With regards to the reduction in operations from Dublin, Ryanair is taking a commercial decision aimed at maximising its own profits. As always, Ryanair seeks to blame someone else for its decision and, in the process, generate some free publicity. When economic conditions improve, Ryanair will be one of the first airlines to expand its routes and services out of Dublin.

In its own stock exchange statements, Ryanair proves conclusively that Dublin Airport is good for its business.  Dublin Airport accounted for five of Ryanair’s top ten routes, in its most recent financial year. Ryanair’s two most successful routes in its entire European network were Dublin-Stansted and Dublin-Gatwick.*

* Source Ryanair 20F (Annual Report) for the year ending 31 March 2008, filed with the US Securities and Commission (SEC)


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-07

  • RT @christophebacon: not looking forward to the whole EZY exp. Mind you, it could be worse, it could be Ryanair! #
  • RT @chrishughespr: #RyanAir needs to be stopped! How their £1 flights actually cost £396 #
  • RT @ccrichton: I sometimes wonder why Ryanair don’t just emblazon “Screw You” on side of planes in huge letters and just bedone with it. #
  • RT @JunkTank: I hate RyanAir. I really do. #
  • RT @Generator_IE: Bought €39 printer whilst travelling sonot to give #Ryanair satisfaction of €40 fine for not having boarding card printed. #
  • RT @mistertumnus: @jonronson i’d rather swim to sweden than fly with ryanair. #
  • RT @ciaranmccormack: Boy do I hate ryanair, you really do get what you pay for! Just home after our flight was 6 hours delayed! Never again #

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Ryanair losing the plot again

Ryanair, the world’s least favourite airline, are again moaning about the 10 euro tourist tax for passengers travelling to Ireland and again make the absurd claim that this tax is to blame for the fall in visitors to Ireland.

What a load of boring drivel. Do Ryanair honestly believe that a 10 euro tourist tax is going to make any difference to a passenger who is already being ripped off by being charged exorbitant fees by Ryanair themselves when making a booking?

Ryanair need to take a close look in the mirror and understand that any fall in passenger numbers is due to the ever increasing, hidden, possibly illegal and completely unfair charges that they add to every booking made with them.

Threatening to close down routes to/from Ireland as a result is the typically childish response one would expect from a prat like O’Leary. No surprises there.

Let’s hope the Irish government don’t bow to the demands of TurdAir and that they keep these fair taxes in place.


Ryanair – the £1 rip off

Ryanair, the world’s biggest rip-off airline, offer flights for just £1! Amazing huh?? But just how much would these tickets actually cost once you factor in all the rip-off fees and taxes?

Take the following example: A family of three get Ryanair £1 each way return tickets to Europe. If they were to pay on a debit card, take a suitcase each (not pre-booked) and check-in at the airport, the actual total is a shocking £396, that’s £6 return for flights and £390 for ‘added-extras’. This includes £10 return each for debit card payment (£30 total), £40 return (£120) per suitcase, and airport check-in’s £80 return (£240).

The example above, taken from is extreme, but the injustice isn’t about the cost, but that some charges that are practically compulsory are excluded from the advertised price.