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Passengers to suggest next rip-off charges

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, has invited passengers to suggest the airline’s next ancillary revenue idea after Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary, confirmed that the company is examining the possibility of passengers paying to use the on board toilets in a drive to keep costs down and lower Ryanair’s guaranteed lowest fares even further.

This Europe wide competition invites passengers to submit their most ingenious, wacky and creative ideas to Ryanair via the website to be in with a chance of winning a €1,000 cash prize.

Launching the competition, Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said;

“Ryanair is Europe’s largest low fares airline and we plan to continue to reduce costs and fares by stimulating ancillary revenues. We have always provided passengers with choice, if you don’t want to pay for food – don’t buy it, if you don’t want to pay checked in bag charges – don’t bring checked in bags, if you don’t want to pay handling charges – then just use Visa Electron entirely  free of charge.

Since we confirmed that we are considering a toilet charge we have received a huge number of ancillary revenue suggestions from passengers and we want more. We are asking passengers to submit their ideas with the most creative winning €1,000 cash. Some of the best suggests to date are:

·        Charging for toilet paper – with O’Leary’s face on it,
·        Charging €2.50 to read the safety cards,
·        Charging €1 to use oxygen masks,
·        Charging €25 to use the emergency exit,
·        Charging €50 for bikini clad Cabin Crew.


Ryanair employs porn star stewardess

A Ryanair stewardess has been uncovered as a naughty porn actress!

Edita Schindlerova, 22, secretly appears in X-rated movies and gets a good shafting as ‘Edita Bente’ when not shafting cutomers herself on Ryanair flights.

Edita, who is based at Stansted, Essex, has even told her colleagues about her part time porn acting.

She said, “I had this s*** a year ago with a pilot with nothing better to do than check the Internet.”

A work pal said: “We had no idea what she was up to in her spare time. There can’t be many airlines who have porn stars serving drinks on flights.”

Ryanair seem unaffected by a porn star working on their airlines. When asked for a comment, a Ryanair spokesman said: “What people do before or after they work for us is their business.”


Paying to pay – Ryanair’s “handling” charge scam

On a recent trip to Spain on Ryanair, I got chatting to my friend who booked the flights and was surprised to hear about a handling charge that I have not noticed before when booking a Ryanair flight.

Perhaps its just me, but I thought the idea of a handling charge was for the company selling the service to somewhat offset the cost they incur of processing a credit card transaction. This can typically be in the region of 3% of the total so it’s understandable. By using a debit card instead, one can save the handling charge or at least reduce it.

Ah…not with Lyingair though. They charge a whopping £9.50 per return flight no matter what type of card you pay with. Well, apart from Visa Electron, that common of common cards that everyone has in their wallet.

“Ok” I said. “It’s £9.50, but there are 5 of us travelling so we can just divide that between us right?”


Ryanair multiply this handling charge by the number of passengers on the booking. So now it turns out we have paid almost £50…to pay!?!?

What a rip-off.


Ryanair caught up in fake Twitter account controversy

Taken from the telegraph website, it seems that Ryanair has become involved in an online fakery dispute over a Twitter ‘account’, claimed to be from the airline, which was abusing bloggers and passengers.

The apparently official account @RyanAirOnline was used to make fun of passengers, saying that they “smell like urine” and describing them as “mostly stupid”.

Ryanair initially confirmed that their marketing team had set up a number of Twitter accounts for promotional purposes, and seemed to claim the offending account. Dara Brady, deputy head of sales and marketing for Ryanair told travel news website Travolution that the airline was officially running their Twitter presence.

Confused outrage spread around the social networking website as users reacted to the abusive messages.

However, Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara has now confirmed that the offending account was not one of those officially run by Ryanair.

He told the Telegraph, “We did set up a number of route specific Ryanair accounts on Twitter to highlight Ryanair’s low fares offers. We have today closed down those profiles.

“Ryanair has become aware of a number of Ryanair related profiles on Twitter which have engaged in abusive or denigratory comments towards Ryanair services and passengers. These profiles have nothing at all to do with Ryanair.”


Ryanair freaks out at blogger

Hi all,

I stumbled upon this article at regarding a post on a blog from a web developer who was commenting on the usability, or lack of, of the Ryanair website.

Firstly, I agree wholeheartedly that the entire user experience is a shocker and therefore the suggestions made are good ones. However, it was the reaction of the Ryanair staff who had obviously read his post and seemed to disagree that I found most amusing…do have a read: