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RyanAir makes little girls cry!

We missed the check-in deadline (read the fine print “strictly 40 minutes before departure” – oh NOW I see it) by 3 MINUTES and the horrible “service clerk” informed us the flight was closed. In the meantime our fellow passengers were in the long security line, with 37 minutes left until the flight took off. The cruel staff ignored us, so my 4-year old daughter and I both stood in the middle of Weeze airport in tears.

Of course before that nightmare I spent numerous hours researching bus schedules and directions to and from these far out airports. And more hours trying to pack the lightest bag ever. (the real RA profit center: 12 Euro / kg for every kilo over). And I was an idiot to pay extra for bag check-in and priority boarding on top.

They have stolen my 245 euro this time. But we will NEVER EVER EVER EVER fly RyanAir again. They make me embarassed to be Irish.


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A message from cabin crew

I work for Ryanair myself, as a cabin crew, and really can only apologize for what we’ve got to offer. People seem to forget that both crew and passengers should both stay on the same side and blame whoever is making great money out us, real idiots, that for one reason or the other, have to work or fly for this company. Ryanair sucks, no way how to deny it, but can we really start doing something about it? As for myself, having to daily deal with both very unhappy cabin/flight crew and angry passengers, I can only suggest that we cooperate and put Ryanair where they really deserve: in court! To those passengers who take it on crew i beg you some mercy because we are, at the end of the day, the ones that suffers the worse of treatments, the ones that literally starve in foreign countries and put into debt and live in constant fear of loosing our miserable job just because somebody is in a bad mood. For some, the solution is simple and immediate: leave Ryanair! Unfortunately, this is so well schemed out, that most of us end up owing more money to the company and to the bank that we have no other choice. What Ryanair do to hire crew is called fraud very well hidden in smart contracts and based on big lies. Most of us are trapped and desperately seeking help to get rid of this company. Normally, we are foreigners that got into debt, changed country and find ourselves in a dead end. To all the unhappy passengers, again, I apologize and ask for their help. I am currently seeking help in an European court and encourage others to do so. Sometime, this has to end because such a fraud cannot sustain a company on a long term. That’s Ryanair’s biggest stupidity.


Ryanair – Flying close to the law?

They also seem to be flying pretty close to the law. I have noticed on several occasions that even when the price of a flight is given in euros, Ryanair deduct the amount from your debit/credit card in pounds sterling at a very unfavourable rate (1.32 as 1.393, the exchange rate elsewhere, on a recent occasion.) And since the Ryanair’currency converter’ [hidden away in the small print] never seems to work – deliberate one wonders?- you have no idea what you are eventually going to be billed for. I have recently reported this to Trading Standards who confirmed that this illegal and are followng it up. I urge others to do likewise or vote with their feet and not use Mr O’Leary’s polluting, unreliable and moneygrubbing airline.


Yup – I hate Ryanair

Have just been on a short trip to Dublin from Luton which should have been a fun and relaxing weekend but we made the mistake of flying with Ryanair. Firstly we had over a three hour delay on Friday evening with not even an apology or an offer of a coffee. Then coming back we experienced the very best of customer service Ryanair has to offer (not to mention the required hour delay) – inane check in staff stopping just short of uttering ‘computer says no’.Zero customer service, herded around like cattle from queue to check in for Tony O’ Leary to make a lousy extra three euro – the very worst kind of cancerous capitalism.
We hate Ryanair.


luggage allowance

Watch with fun the number of passengers at Xerez airport being told they need pay excess baggage. Repacking our bags to bring down the charges. You will not humiliate me in front of my daughter again for 3Kg.

If I ever have to fly with you again I will make sure we have exactly our poxy 15Kg per suitcase but I’ll also make sure I take 10Kg of cabin luggage per person even if we have to use sandbags.

Cheap fares, not at all if you want to travel with suitcases and child because you have to pay for the suitcase plus any excess on the suitcase of 15Kg. I’ve compared travelling with 2 suitcases and 20Kg in each with Monarch and Easyjet on comparable routes and Ryan(stick em up and hand over your money)air is not cheaper.

We stopped using Ryanair for five years because of bad behaviour on the Stansted to Dublin route. Fly Easyjet to Belfast and drive to Dublin, its cheaper and quicker.

Our two recent trips to Xerez have meant we have stopped using them again.

The rant could go on and on but the new planes are well… tasteless. I had to put on my sunglasses and in-ear mp3 to ry and avoid the inflight advertising. My 5 year old daughter has better taste in colours.

We really hate Ryanair (really).


Who else hates Ryanair?

I travel quite a bit with business and for pleasure and have developed an absolute hatred for this airline. Only a few things that are really starting to grate:Priority boarding then complete pandemonium when trying to get on the damn planeAbolished reclining seats & rubbish holders to ‘save’Nonexistent serviceScrewing you over every lasy penny – granted the flights are usually cheap but you more than make up for it when you’ve bought a £1.50 cup of water and needed 6 weeks of stress therapy.Unprofessionalism of giggling strewardesses (usually the ugliest girls you’ll ever see or some overly attentive camp fella)i could go on all day..

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I really do hate Ryanair

I hate Ryanair. But still use them. Why? Well it’s pretty obvious, cheap flights. Is it really worth it though? I use the Stansted base as its close to where I live. I remember the days when Stansted was a pleasurable experience…low passenger numbers, spacious check in areas and departure lounges. Ryanair have changed this, the place is now a shit hole. BAA are partly to blame, I’ll get on to that later, but Ryanair have put them in a difficult situation, increasing the number of flights departing and arriving. The airport cant cope. When it takes longer to get through passport control than flying in from France, you know something is wrong.

So what have Ryanair done to deserve my time spent writing this drivel?

Let’s start with the fantastic “Priority boarding” scheme. What an amazing idea that was. So much so that most people on the flight now pay for this and are back in a long queue just like before, battling to get on the plane and grab a seat. What is it about the mad boarding rush? You’ll all get a seat! Anyway, I now travel with a small child in tow and had the pleasure of travelling from Stansted to Carcassonne a few weeks ago. When we got to the departure lounge we were told that because we had not paid the £5 per person priority boarding fee, we would have to wait, with small child, pushchair, numerous bags etc until everyone else had boarded. This is a fucking disgrace Mr O’Leary. I have since seen passengers in wheel chairs being made to wait just the same and then have to scrabble around for a seat with the rest of the passengers, who really dont care whether they push you out of the way. The cabin crew were useless and could not have cared less. What a bunch of tossers.

Sort it out you greedy scum. I hope we’ll soon see passengers moving back in large numbers to BA. I now consider them for every trip and will only use Ryanair as a last resort.